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Looking After Your Fabric

When you choose a Cristina Marrone Fabric, you’re choosing an upholstery fabric that has been sourced from the finest mills and the finest yarns in the world. We provide a wide and varied collection of fabrics, encompassing classic, transitional and modern ranges to cover a wide spectrum to meet with the demands of today’s changing markets and fashions.

Before selecting a fabric we advise you to conduct thorough research on its characteristics and intended purpose. We have fabric samples, pattern books and swatch cards available to account holders upon request. Here are some common upholstery fabric characteristics and tips for looking after your fabric:


Pile Pressure

Pile pressure marking and shade variations are common amongst pile fabrics like velvets and chenilles.

This happens through normal use when the pile direction is changed, causing differences in light reflection when the pile is flattened.

This can be minimised by vacuuming and brushing the pile in the opposite direction and frequently turning cushions.

Please be advised this is a natural characteristic of these fabric types. It is not a fault and does not affect the durability and hard-wearing properties of the material.

Natural light

The natural bleaching effect of direct sunlight may cause fabric colours to fade if exposed for long periods of time.

To keep your fabrics out of direct sunlight make note of how direct sunlight travels through your room throughout the day, especially during the midday sun when it is at its most powerful. Rearranging your room to keep direct sunlight to a minimum will help to preserve the colour of our fabrics. Other solutions include window film, solar blinds and curtains to block out the sun.

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Dye Transfer

In some cases, dye transfer from clothing such as denim may be transferred onto upholstery fabrics. So watch out for wearing brand new dark clothing on lighter coloured fabrics, where it is likely to be more apparent.

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Washing Instructions

Each fabric has its own cleaning instructions and we advise you check these before you start any cleaning.

Most of our fabrics are machine washable to 30 degrees. Wash with ordinary detergent and water and drip dry after washing (do not tumble dry or place over a direct heat source such as a radiator) and re-fit covers whilst still damp - this will ensure a good fit as covers have a little more give if damp.

Professional Clean only, we advise testing an unseen part of the fabric first.

Absorb wet stains immediately by pressing firmly with a clean dry cloth.

Scrape off solids but make sure you don’t go against the grain.



Please be advised that fabric appearance may vary from screen to screen, and slight colour variations may occur between production batches. Differences in base tone, colour, thickness, weave, light reflectivity and opacity can affect how fabrics appear in a digital format. We advise requesting fabric samples, a pattern book or swatch card before selecting a fabric or collection, which are available to account holders.

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